Your child's first visit
Infant Dental Care
Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend a child’s first visit to the dentist at 1 year of age or within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth.  We strongly agree with this recommendation and welcome your infant/toddler to their first dental visit.  This initial infant visit is performed while your infant is sitting on your lap.  Our dental examination may only take a minute, but we sit down with you for a very informative session on prevention. 

We cover the following topics:
•  Teething
•  Early Childhood decay (Baby bottle or Nursing decay)
•  Oral hygiene and your role
•  Diet
•  Oral Habits (Thumb, Finger or Pacifier)
•  Fluoride recommendations
•  Any other questions or concerns you may have
•  When your child should return

Initial Exam visits:
We recommend routine dental examination visits at least annually after the infant dental care visit until your child turns 3 years of age.  After that, we recommend routine 6 month visits to aid in the prevention and the early detection of dental decay.  At this more formal first visit, we introduce your child to dentistry with a “tell, show and do” learning process.  We may have your child on your lap for this visit as we show them the mouth mirror, explorer (tooth counter) and how we use them.  We may take only necessary x-rays as well as perform a prophylaxis and fluoride treatment if they are indicated.  This will be always be discussed with you prior treatment.  We will review oral hygiene with you and your child, show you any x-rays we have taken and discuss when any follow up visits should occur.

The First Visit
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